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From Navjot Singh <>
Subject [OT] Issues while developing and deploying enterprise application
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2004 04:54:52 GMT

I have N ejb jars packaged into a single EAR file.

1. ProductEJB.jar ( with entities Product, Category etc..)
2. OrderEJB.jar (with entities OrderItem, Orders etc..)

Now, i have a unidirectional cmr based relation OrderItem-Product where 
each item refers to one of the products. But both entities are defined 
in separate ejb-jar.xml.

According to EJB specs, the entities for which are involved in the 
relation using cmr-field MUST be in same DD (ejb-jar.xml), which means i 
can't have separate DDs.

If i generate somehow a common DD for all modules and place them in 1 
ejb module, rest of the modules will have empty META-INF directory.
Will it be recognized as valid EJB module by the EJB container?

In a large enterprise application, we have many related modules which 
need to be developed independently by diff teams. This restriction 
completely thwarts the possibility of independent module development as 
still the DDs are to be generated a single large monolithic file.

Any suggestions how to develop in these scenarios.

Navjot Singh

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