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From Navjot Singh <>
Subject Re: RE : Struts, XDoclet, and Maven...
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2004 05:06:46 GMT
i agree with rick here.

I also tried using struts-config.xml using xdoclet. In the end it turns 
out to be a futile exercise. Moreover, using modules makes working with 
xdoclet more cumbersome. It's EASY to write the config yourself.

Some may say that it will be useful to generate the Struts form class 
and it's tags in struts-config.xml FROM the entity bean you just 
created. But ,tell me frankly, how many times we have forms that 
correspond one-to-one with our entity schema.

Use xdoclet only where it makes sense to use.

my 2 cents
navjot singh

Rick Reumann wrote:
> Andy Akins wrote:
>>>> but I'm fairly new to Maven but have coded two simple struts
>>>> apps with
>>>> it - and XDoclet is brand new to me. I'm looking to combine
>>>> all of the
>>>> above (and eventually Hibernate - but that's for a later day).
> I don't see what advantage using XDoclet with Struts is? If someone can 
> show me how it helps I'd love to see it. On this one project I 
> inherited, it uses XDoclet with Struts and it makes things worse. For 
> example, I like having a nice config file that I can modify 
> (strut-config), yet with XDoclet, the struts config action mappings are 
> generated by action mapping definitions defined at the top of the actual 
> Action opbjects. That makes no sense to me. Now in order to change a 
> return value, you have to modify source code versus just modifying a 
> config file. I can see the benefit for XDoclet in other projects (ie EJB 
> code generation) but for Struts I still haven't found where it helps, 
> but I'm willing to be enlightened:)

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