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From mike <>
Subject RE: Theoretical debate
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 20:45:02 GMT
+1  I personally do not find what you have to or can do with Struts much of 
a problem at all.  I like the freedom the separation gives me.  It is 
rather like the defensive idea of Aaron Nitzovitch in chess.  If you just 
defend a square or piece as much as required, all the defensive pieces are 
tied down.  However, if you add an additional defender, then all your 
pieces incorporated into the defense are free to abandon that task and a 
very interesting and deep interchange of offense and defense results.  The 
separation of functions in Struts does this for me.  I think I prefer the 
Struts approach to the JSF approach as well, although like everyone else, I 
would like and try to achieve a hybrid for my purposes.


At 01:29 PM 6/17/2004, Hubert Rabago wrote:

>  > From: Frank Zammetti []
>  > Most likely you would have a ShoppingCart class with a number of methods
>in it,
>  > things like addItem(), removeItem(), totalPrice(), etc.
>I follow this design on my applications, on the *business logic* tier.
>On that tier (whether I implement it as EJBs or POJOs), I would have an
>actual business object that would have these methods.
>I tend to look at Struts as a necessary add-on to the application to give
>it a web front end.
>To me, my web application isn't "a collection of services that are executed
>to form a coherent larger application", rather it's just an interface
>to the actual application that runs on the server.
>  --- "Hookom, Jacob" <> wrote:
>  > With Struts, I have to create an ActionForm objects (can't just use a
>  > business object I already have), and then create separate Action objects
>Because of the way I view my app, I have no problem separating my view of the
>objects in my interface and my app's business objects.  I fully understand
>the need for separate ActionForm objects (users work with untyped string
>values, my business tier works with typed values, the Action object goes in
>between).  Still, I don't like having to create string-ified counterparts of
>my business objects.  That's how the FormDef project began (
> and ).
>I haven't tried JSF yet, but I don't think I want my business tier objects
>"contaminated" with presentation-tier specifics, such as the callback methods
>JSF needs on their managed beans.
>  >
>  > Any thoughts?
>  >
>  > Frank
>  >
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