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From "Brian Styles" <>
Subject J2EE design help needed!
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 08:54:48 GMT

Hi all,

I'm trying to develop an extensible architecuture to add new services to my 
existing website. I want this to be similar to, where 
each service is accessed via a main tab, and each service is essentially a 
mini-application in itself.

I have an existing struts app which uses EJBs. I have the whole application 
packaged in a single ear, containing a single war (which has struts and 
jsps) and a single jar for the ejbs.

I want to extend this application to have more functionality and services. 
Each service I want to be accessed via a tab from the index jsp. So i want 
an easy way to add new services. It would be nice to allow individual 
developers to work separately on each tab - ie to make each tab or service 
an individual component. I know that struts has the modules configuration, 
allowing several config files, however I think that these still are 
generally packaged in the same war (correct?).

I need some advice on packaging.

I see the following options:

a) Application gets packaged as is, in a single ear containing a single war 
and jar.
pros - simple build, current architecture
cons - monolithic, not component based, not modular

b) individual war file for each new service
pros - modular, possibly more understandable
cons - will get into dependancies between the modules anyway; may have 
issues sharing session objects between wars

there are probably other options.

I'd really love some advice from people who have had these problems in the 
past. They must be out there!

thanks very much indeed,

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