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From "Navjot Singh" <>
Subject RE: J2EE design help needed!
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 05:39:32 GMT

>I see the following options:
>a) Application gets packaged as is, in a single ear containing a single war
>and jar.
>pros - simple build, current architecture
>cons - monolithic, not component based, not modular
>b) individual war file for each new service
>pros - modular, possibly more understandable
>cons - will get into dependancies between the modules anyway; may have
>issues sharing session objects between wars
>there are probably other options.
>I'd really love some advice from people who have had these problems in the
>past. They must be out there!
>thanks very much indeed,

Assume you have multiple wars. Lets think about the ways we can deploy.

1. As Multiple wars in 1 host. That also means more than 1 context.

-- One war might be accessing model casses from other war. Then you decide
about plugging all the model classes into 1 big common jar file. Now, that
jar should be available to all of your wars. So you will deploy that
common.jar to <tomcat>/common/lib OR <tomcat>/endorsed/lib or whatever your
container requirements are. In the end what your war files will contain?

-- How would you forward from one war to another war? Redirects have their
own limitations.

2. As 1 war per host. Say A.war under and B.war under
Think about passing control.

Struts allows the module functionality so as to help with the development
process so that teams/people can divide the modules among themeselves and do
parallel development.

Generating WARs is the deployment issue.

>From my experience, 1 WAR should be generated for 1 business application.
Generating wars for each of modules within a business application is not a
good idea.

my 2 cents

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