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From "Navjot Singh" <>
Subject [OT] EJB/Struts Design Question
Date Sat, 05 Jun 2004 15:47:31 GMT

I have a typical case of Category and Product entity bean established in 1:N

In the client tier, I wish to display the list of products along with their
category names.

1. Struts Action make a call to ProductDelegate.
2. ProductDelgate to ProductManager (SessionBean).
3. ProductManager to ProductHome (to get entity refs of Product Entities)

__My kind of solution__

1. I retreive collection of Product at ProductManager. All the product
instances will have category as CMR.
2. In session bean, i will iterate over the collection of products.
3. For each product, i create a new ProductCategoryVO which will contain
values from product and category entities.
4. Then return the collection of ProductCategoryVO to my action class.
5. Action class wll further pass on to JSP.

To me, it sounds like heavy work. What's the best way to handle this?
Any help/pointers are appreciated.

Navjot Singh
Net4India Ltd.

If there's only one answer, then this must not be a very interesting topic.

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