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From "Navjot Singh" <>
Subject [OT] Good env for struts-based-web-tier and ejb components development
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 05:11:30 GMT
Hi List,

I am about to start development work on some auction site which in principle
is similar to e-bay but not of that scale. I will be using J2EE+Jboss.

What kind of IDE development environment do you guys use for the

I just tried Eclipse + EasyStruts + Lomboz. Lomboz is good but not good

1. I still have to carefully edit ejb-jar and jboss files to make my things
2. The directory structure that it creates in the background is not good.
3. The xdoclet tags that it generates is for all servers. e.g JOnAs jboss,
weblogic. but i need for only jboss.
4. The build files that it generates are bit obscure.

Easy Struts is just OK and doesn't provide much time saving to me. I can
live without it also. Moreover, EasyStruts doesn't work with Eclipse 3.0.

In nutshell, the entire development environment becomes unorganized, if not

I wish to know what kinda env do you use? How do streamline your development

Navjot Singh

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