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From "Miquel Angel" <>
Subject State in Struts.
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 10:04:30 GMT
	Hi. I'm developing an application with Struts 1.1, Tomcat 5 and Eclipse. I
explain my problem:

	This situation is: I have 1 jsp (jsp1) that shows information in a grid.
>From this grid I can go to the jsp2, where I can see the details of 1 row of
the previous grid. From jsp2 I can go to jsp3, where I can see aditional
information about the record shown in jsp2. From jsp3 I can go to jsp4 to
see any other information, and so on. My problem is not going forward, my
problem is goin back. ¿How can I retrieve the state of each action form? I
use scope="request". ¿Should I implement an stack to save the differents
actionform's? Is there any example of stack. ¿Should I implement any other

	I would appreciate your help.


Atentamente, Miquel Angel Seguí Munar
Tel. 647 51 43 41
Sidiem S.L.

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