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From Irfandhy Franciscus <>
Subject Re: multibox mayhem
Date Thu, 27 May 2004 21:02:52 GMT
from this code : <bean:write name="bean1" property="key"/>

I guess that bean1 must be an object inside 'allofem'

So why are you trying to iterate an object :
<logic:iterate id="bean2" name="bean1" property="value">

pls wrote:
> i had to add <logic:empty> tags around the <bean:write name="bean2"/>
> because there were some trailing 'null' values in the Integer[] after
> reading from DB.
> "pls" <> wrote in message
> news:c9ju9d$5l0$
>>I have one multibox per page on a few pages.
>>Each page name is represented by the 'key' property of a HashMap.
>>Each selected checkbox number is stored in Integer[]'s in the 'value'
>>property of a HashMap.
>>After selecting all of the checks, the user is forwarded to a
>>confirmation.jsp which displays the selections.
>>the code: (i removed table formatting for clarity)
>><logic:iterate id="bean1" name="multiBoxForm" property="allofem">
>>           <bean:write name="bean1" property="key"/>
>>           <logic:iterate id="bean2" name="bean1" property="value">
>>                  <bean:write name="bean2" />
>>           </logic:iterate>
>>this works fine to display the selections when they are read from the
>>original ActionForm.
>>i can update the db and then read them back which works fine too.
>>i have confirmed that i have a HashMap with the correct Integer[]'s from
> the
>>db inside,
>>however the same code as the previous
>>is located in profile.jsp and it returns the following JasperException:
>>"Cannot find bean bean2 in any scope"
>>Any ideas?  Thanks.

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