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From Irfandhy Franciscus <>
Subject Displaying html tag as html with bean:write
Date Sun, 20 Jun 2004 14:09:52 GMT
Hi All,

I am developing a hibernate-struts base blog. And I would like to have 
my user to be able to use html tag such as : <br/> ;&nbsp etc in their 

The database field that I use to save the user post is in BLOG.

To display their post I use <bean:write/> tag. The problem with this tag 
is that it render the html tag as a string in the page. So if the user 
enters :

'My post on 20 June <br/>;&nbsp' it will display 'My post on 20 June 
<br/>;&nbsp' in the page.

Okay to get around this problem I use the old good <%=out.println(...)%> 
. It display the post as 'My Post on 20 June ;'. Everything is perfect 
except for the ';' at the end of the post.

Does anyone know how to ge around this problem. Thanks for the help :D

Irfandhy Franciscus

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