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From Jacob Weber <>
Subject Two questions: validation
Date Sun, 20 Jun 2004 14:26:00 GMT
I have two questions on Struts' validation.

1. Let's say I have a multi-page form. Each JSP in the form points to a 
different action (or a different method of a DispatchAction), and passes 
the current "page" value to the action. It's possible for someone to 
pass the wrong value of "page" to an action (e.g. by passing it in the 
URL). This means that someone could call the final action in the 
sequence, pass page=0, and bypass all the validation. What's the 
recommended way to prevent this?

2. I have some validation rules that should only be checked under 
certain conditions. So I'm overriding the ValidatorForm.validate() 
method. Is there a clean way to access Struts' validation functions like 
validateFloat from this method, so I don't have to rewrite them?

Thanks for any help,

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