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From "Frank Burns" <>
Subject Re: Book Recommendations
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 17:29:06 GMT
A few months ago I was thrown into the deep end on an urgent Struts-based
project with a VERY tight deadline.

To help me get up to speed ASAP, I bought and read/used these three books
during that time:

1) Pro Jakarta Struts, Second Edition by John Carnell, Rob Harrop
2) Programming Jakarta Struts by Chuck Cavaness
3) Struts In Action by Ted Husted, et al

Having used them all "in anger", in summary, my opinion is that the first of
these is the best, by a mile.

The other two are flawed: Programming Jakarta Struts is a very good
introduction, has a great structure and index, but it is a bit "shallow";
"Struts In Action" has a lot of excellent detail, but an "esoteric" layout
and an almost-useless index (and unfortunately is littered with typos).

Whereas Pro Jakarta Struts has an excellent and comprehensive layout, a
more-than-intermediate-level of detail and an excellent index. Numerous
times it was the only book of the three that had the answers to the
questions I had as a newbie, and then some. It also takes a "best
practices/patterns" approach and provides excellent, real-world examples.



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Subject: Book Recommendations

> Hi All,
> I am looking for a good Struts book. Does anyone have any recommendations?
> -Nick

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