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From "Nicolas De Loof" <>
Subject Re: Not possible to attach 2 (or more) parameters from 2 different beans to an html:link?
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 16:07:12 GMT

You have to set a map of parameters to add to the link.

You may create the map in an action prior to your JSP, or use this in your JSP (if you use

<jsp:useBean id="myLinkParams" class="java.util.HashMap"/>

<c:set target="${myLinkParams}" property="param1" value="${}"/>

<c:set target="${myLinkParams}" property="param2" value="${}"/>

<html:link action="/myAction" name="myLinkParams">

click me !



> Hello listers. I sent an email about a week ago and haven't heard a blip. So I guess
this simply isn't possible? If I
have a bean "user" and another "module" and want to attach a property from each to an html:link
tag, how do I do it?
> As I understand it if I simply put "paramName" it will include ALL properties for that
bean, which I don't need. But
if I put "paramName", "paramProperty" and "paramId" twice, once for each bean/property, it
only attaches one!
> Is there some way I can create a "custom" bean ... in the page, put the two properties
I need inside it, and pass *it*
to the html:link with "paramName" ?
> Sounds kind a less-than.perfect solution. Any takers?
> Thanks,
> syg
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