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From Wendy Smoak <>
Subject Re: Re: Why does <html:submit> work differently than <html:link action="">?
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 17:55:08 GMT
>Wendy wrote:
> >The text on each tab is a
> >hyperlink, and I  *have* to make the form submit when the user clicks to
> >switch to another tab, or I lose whatever they've typed on the form.  I
> >it with JavaScript:
>Michael wrote:
> This is the problem, Wendy.  Don't make the text on the tag a hyperlink
> you don't have the problem.  Make the text on the tag a submit.  Is there
> any reason why that cannot be done?

I use Struts Menu.  It pulls text from a config file and renders a tabbed
menu at the top of my page with CSS.  It doesn't render submit buttons, it
renders hyperlinks.  "Cannot be done" really isn't in my vocabulary-- 
anything it possible given enough time, money and motivation. ;)

But in this case, the first issue that comes to mind is that the tabbed
menus are in a separate Tile from the one that contains the <html-el:form>
tags.  For submit buttons to work, they'd have to be *within* the form tags,
and AFAIK you can't split the form across multiple Tiles.

While I appreciate that you've spent a lot of time working on your elegant
solution, in this case the OP doesn't even appear to need JavaScript *or* a
form, much less buttons on it.

I'm going to bow out of this now-- you have your solution, I have mine, both
of them work, and the OP can choose one of the many ideas that have been
thrown out there and be on his way.

Wendy Smoak

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