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From Wendy Smoak <>
Subject Re: JSP / ActionForm / Action design quesetion
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2004 20:53:30 GMT
From: "Chuck Chopp" <>
>   Currently, a lot of of the data that gets entered is for fixed length
> fields, and when the data input results in one field being full, the focus
> automatically jumps to the next field as if the TAB key had been hit.

You can do that with JavaScript.

> When
> all of the fields of data have been entered, simply hitting the ENTER key
> results in the screen full of data fields being submitted, validated and
> then the screen is "reset" to empty field values again for additional data
> entry.

IME, this works as long as the focus is not in a text area, in which case
ENTER will merely move you down one line.  Enter in most(all?) other types
of HTML form elements is the same as "clicking" the first button on the
form.  Make sure that button is the 'submit' button.

(BTDT... the "first" button in my form was delete!  Now I have an
'invisible' button that does nothing if they press enter-- I want them to
positively tell me they're finished.)

> I'm not sure if I can code things so that some other single keystroke can
> used in place of clicking a "CANCEL" button on the form, such as hitting
> ESC key and having that trigger an event in the JSP that is the same as
> clicking the "CANCEL" button.

I don't think so... in fact ESC is the same as clicking the 'stop' button in
IE, so it could be dangerous.  You might have to train them out of that
particular keystroke.

Wendy Smoak

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