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From "Ellingson, David" <>
Subject Submitting Indexed Properties and List Size/Resize
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 19:21:54 GMT
I wanted to verify whether I am understanding the best way to submit indexed
properties to an ActionForm.

I was originally having problems with ArrayOutOfBoundsExceptions when
submitting the Form, and, after some research, it looks like the framework
is expecting the List to be prepopulated before it can be populated with the
Request parameters.  While this can be done in the constructor, it seems the
best way is to dynamically resize the collection in both the get and set
index methods.  For example, if a get() is called for index 10, and records
don't exist up to the 10th record, I can add the additional records up to
the 10th element.  This works fine, but it seems a little awkward, so I
wasn't sure if I am missing something here.  

Is this the best way to submit indexed properties to an ActionForm?


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