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From "Foux Dev." <>
Subject Re: big validation.xml
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 08:22:09 GMT

I would suggest you take a close look to Struts Modules. Isolating 
specific parts of your application into modules has the following 

- reduces size of validation.xml and struts-config.xml files, as each 
module as its own set of files; althrough validation and resources can 
be shared between modules.

- better separation of team work: each team handles its own set of XML, 
resources, HTML/JSP/.. files, and therefore reduces dramatically 
CVS/SVN/.. conflicts! Working in a team on a huge monolithic 
configuration file is a nightmare!

- better overview of your global application and a lot more maintainable.

Of course, splitting your application into modules will also need some 
"standard rules" between them, but that's not of Struts' responsability, 
rather a development management issue. And there are not specific rules 
for splitting applications into modules: it's more based on logic and 
common sense than anything else.


some useful links:
- he "Struts Survival Guide" on has a lot of tips 
and tricks that will save you hours of surfing forums/mailinglist 
looking for answers  (nooo, I've nothing to do with that book ;o)) wrote:

>I'm in the same boat, up until now we've developed small Struts 
>applications (about 20 different sets of input/view forms).  Now we are 
>going to migrate an application which we wrote in our own framework to 
>Struts.  This contains about 300 separate input/view forms (a lot will be 
>reduced down due to re-usability of Struts over our own framework).  As 
>Dion asks, what is the best practice for projects of this size?
>Christopher Marsh-Bourdon
>"Dionisius Purba" <>
>01/07/2004 08:07
>Please respond to "Struts Users Mailing List"
>        To:     "Struts Users Mailing List" <>
>        cc: 
>        Subject:        big validation.xml
>Hi all,
>Struts-validator, or I guess it has become common-validator (?) is very 
>a lot of thanks for making life easier.
>Because there are lots of entities in application that I'm developing, 
>more than 80,
>the validation.xml file will be so big, roughly more than two thousands 
>For such a big validation.xml, will there be effect in performance
>in the JSP that utilize the validation.xml?
>Are there any tips/best practices for such situation?
>Thanks a lot in advance for any comments/suggestions.
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