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From Erik Weber <>
Subject Confused about ActionMessages
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 18:45:22 GMT
Hello all.

I have successfully used ActionErrors in combination with the 
html:errors tag, by adding errors under various keys and then simply 
placing the <html:errors/> tag at the top of my JSP.

However, the ActionMessages class doesn't seem to act in parallel to the 
ActionErrors class, and neither does the html:messages tag seem to act 
just like the html:errors tag (for one, it has a required attribute that 
the docs don't explain very well). And I sure don't understand all these 
What's for what?

Could someone please give me a quick and dirty example of using 
ActionMessages to present a "Your data was saved" or similar message on 
the "success" page after a form action is processed?

In other words, could you show me how you are populating the 
ActionMessages instance in your Action class, and then how you are 
displaying the messages on your JSP?

You'll really be helping me out as I'm trying to show my client some 
working pages soon! (I don't wanna cheat if I don't have to).


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