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From Erik Weber <>
Subject Conditional validation/field chaining with Validator plugin
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 02:45:52 GMT
Greetings. I am using the Validator plugin with Struts ValidatorForm 

In one form, I have a boolean select (the labels are "Yes" and "No", the 
values are "true" and "false"). There is a companion text area for an 
explanation -- to be filled in if the boolean select value happens to be 
"true". So in otherwords, the business rule is that the text area must 
contain a value if the value of the select is "true", otherwise, it can 
be left blank. So I need conditional validation or field chaining.

I am assuming that the so-called "validWhen" validator rule will solve 
this problem, right?

Could someone tell me if this rule has been written? Does anyone have a 
copy of it or of the correct validation-rules.xml file that includes it? 
Do I have to upgrade my Struts distribution or can I just replace this 
file and maybe one jar?


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