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From "alu, artifex" <>
Subject Re: advice needed: view+form needs data from an action
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 12:32:13 GMT
Kataria, Satish wrote:

>I am not very clear what is the issue ur facing.
>For populating the dropdowns , u cld hit DB in the action and polulate
>apropriate DTO and put it in request.
>U cld then use the values from the DTO for populating the dropdowns.
>Next on form submission u cld persist the new values to DB in the submit
>Can u elaborate on the issue u r facing
'f course:

i'm a f****** moron! i supposed that the input of an action must not be 
an action but a view (jsp or
something). i have no clue what made me think so but i suppose it seemed 
too easy for me =)

i'll consider my sins...

thank you a lot for taking the time to write a response =)


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