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From "alu, artifex" <>
Subject Re: advice needed: view+form needs data from an action
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 12:34:33 GMT

thanks paul, but i'll keep asking the database. i only thought this 
wouldn't be possible (to perform an action
after validation failes) - it is, of course, possible to specifiy an 
action as input for another action.

thanks for your time


Paul McCulloch wrote:

>You need to remember the values for your dropdowns between requests if you
>don't want to keep asking the database. There are two places you could store
>this - in session or in application scope. You need to decide which is more
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>>From: alu, artifex []
>>Sent: 28 July 2004 12:32
>>To: Struts Users Mailing List
>>Subject: advice needed: view+form needs data from an action
>>i've ran into an problem using struts or, maybe, it's me not 
>>understanding the mvc concept correctly:
>>the user has to fill out a form which contains several 
>>filled with possible values from
>>a database. so i need an preceding action to gather the data from the 
>>database. if the form is submitted
>>it's submitted to a different action which should persist the user's 
>>inputs. however, if the user enters
>>semantically incorrect data he should be redirected back to the input 
>>page - loosing the data collected
>>from the database in the previous action.
>>i suppose there is no way solving this issue using form 
>>validation via 
>>the validate() method of the actionform.
>>another possible way would be that the second action 
>>validates the form 
>>(which would render the validate
>>method of the action form useless in most cases) and, if  the 
>>fails, gathers the database records
>>again and forwards it to the input page. so i'd have to actions doing 
>>virtually the same.
>>the third way i figured out is to not use pre-populated input 
>>pages at 
>>all. i could use javascript popups to
>>populate certain fields. but i don't want to use popups.
>>i'm pretty sure that this is not a uncommon issue and 
>>hopefully someone 
>>figured out a clever way to deal
>>with this problem.
>>thanks in advance
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