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From "Meier, Niclas" <>
Subject RE: Back navigation using application back buttons
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 18:06:29 GMT

You can try two hidden fields fort he 'currentPage' and 'lastPage'. When you submit any form
with the 'next'-Button you can evalute the request determine the next page in your process.
If you proceed with the back button, you can go back the the last page:

Example 1
Page 1 (c:1, l:undef) -[fwd]-> Page 2 (c:2, l:1) -[back]-> Page 1 (c:1, l:2) 

Example 2
Page 1 (c:1, l:undef) -[fwd]-> Page 3 (c:3, l:1) -[fwd]-> Page 2 (c:2, l:3) -[back]->
Page 3 (c:3, l:2)

You can implement this function into Abstract classes (From and Action) to handle the whole
navigation. Or you create a dispatcher which all pages configured into.

    <action path="/foo/dispatcher" name="naviForm" type="">
      <forward name="1" path="/pages/page1.jsp"/>
      <forward name="2" path="/pages/page2.jsp"/>
      <forward name="3" path="/pages/page2.jsp"/>

A good idea maybe the seperation of request handling of the page form, which is related to
the page and some stuff you need to prepare the view. I often use this pattern with great

{Form on Page 1} -[submit]-> FormOneRequestHandlingAction -[forward]-> DispatcherAction
-[forward]-> ViewPreparingActionPageTwo -[forward] -> Page2.jsp

The first two actions can decide to return to page 1 and the third action will always forward
to the jsp. 


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From: James Sheridan [] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2004 4:51 PM
To: ''
Subject: Back navigation using application back buttons


I am trying to implement a simple Back mechanism which uses Back buttons in
the page (encouraging users to use this rather than browser Back which is
not a good idea). Lets call the pages Page1 and Page2. A Page 1 action
brings user to Page 2. Page 2 has a Back button. The basic mechanism is
trivial, ie. an action handler for Page 2 Back which forwards to Page1.
However the problem is I want to be able to go Back to pages other than
Page1 since the user can also get to Page 2 via Page3. ie. I want to be able
to do
Is there some way to control the forwarding for the Page2 Back handling and
know which page to go back to ? The 'static' mappings I would set up in
struts-config.xml appear to only allow me to configure navigation back to
one specific page. I was considering implementing a 'page stack' object and
passing it as a session attribute but I would have hoped that the Struts
framework would make this possible in some easy way.

I suppose some of the wizard ideas might help but a wizard is essentially
different from what I cam trying to achieve in the sense that Back in a
wizard always go back to a specific page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- James

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