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From "Raghuram Kanadam" <>
Subject RE: mapping.setInput()
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 06:04:48 GMT
Sory Satish! Configurations freeze upon loading! Check the ActionServlet's code. However We
did find a way through, If you dont specify the input parameter then the ActionConfig.getInput
() returns a new ForwardConfig (Unfrozen)!! Use this. But I would not beleive this is good
design, for that was not the intent. You could override the initModuleConfigMethods () to
create a new Actionmapping of you own for the purpose but...!

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From: naga satish chandra rupenaguntla []
Sent: Monday, July 26, 2004 6:55 PM
Subject: mapping.setInput()

    I am trying to change the input jsp page of my action mapping in the validate method of
my form bean using mapping.setInput() method.  
     Then, I get a "Configuration is frozen " error message.  Can anyone tell me how i can
dynamically change the input for my action mapping during validation.  
     This is because i have my application designed like this.  I have to make user input
across 4 input forms.  All these 4 input forms share the same form bean.  The fields which
are not input in a particular form are as hidden fields.  form1 calls action2 to load form2.
 form2 can call action1 to load form1 or action3 to load form3.  form3 calls action2 to get
form 2 and action4 to call form4.
      Now, my problem is this.  when i am in form2, and i call action3, my input is form2
and if validation fails, form2 has to display errors.  so in my action mapping for action3,
if i specify form2 as my input, then if i call action3 from form4, my input is being taken
as form2 instead of form4.  so i have a hidden field telling which form i am in, and wanted
to set the input field of the mapping dynamically in the validate method.  This leads to the
above error.
   can anyone offer me a solution to this problem telling me how can i overcome this problem.
Thank you very much,

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