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From Nathan Maves <Nathan.Ma...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: OT jstl/el question
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 23:18:02 GMT
Worked perfect and I love the new SimpleTagSupport!

Not sure why I did not send this email out this morning!

At first I thought JSP 2.0 was more of a hindrance but I now see the 
light :)

Thanks for the help Craig.

On Jul 28, 2004, at 4:31 PM, Craig McClanahan wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Jul 2004 15:36:08 -0600, Nathan Maves 
> <> wrote:
>> I am using the EcpressionEvaluationManager class of jstl in my own
>> custom tag.
>> This used to work but now things are a bit weird.
>> What I need it to be able to pass an Object (i.e. Date) to my custom
>> tag.  I think since I have enabled JSP 2.0 is now evals the var into a
>> String before it is sent to the custom tag.  Has anyone seen this or
>> know how to accomplish this task.
> That's correct ... in a JSP 2.0 page, the page itself evaluates the
> expressions for you.  The nice thing is that this works everywhere,
> even in template text; not just in attributes of custom tags that know
> how to evaluate expressions.
> If you have a tag like this that needs to take a date:
>   <my:customTag startDate="${somebean.somedate}"/>
> then you need to make sure that your tag implementation class uses a
> Date as the property type for this attribute:
>     private Date startDate;
>     public void setStartDate(Date startDate) {
>         this.startDate = startDate;
>     }
> and, of course, that the expression actually points at a property of
> type Date.  Your tag class need not know anything about evaluating
> expressions itself.
>> Nathan
> Craig
> PS:  While you are messing around with your tag implementation class,
> you might want to experiment with using the new SimpleTag APIs instead
> of the classic Tag handler API.  This API is new in JSP 2.0, and makes
> it *much* easier to write a custom tag implementation class.
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