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From Jurn Ho <>
Subject is an action path attribute with periods ok?
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 09:34:55 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I've been experimenting with Struts, and have got up to the stage where I'm 
using the 'html' taglib to create a link to my action classes, but when 
I've got periods in my action paths it doesn't seem to create the correct url

in my test.jsp:
<html:link action="/a.b.c">a b c test link</html:link>

in my web.xml the servlet mapping is *.do

and in my struts-config.xml:

     <action path="/a.b.c"
       <forward name="Success" path="/WEB-INF/admin/user_list.jsp" 

when I see my created page, it has
<a href="">a b c test link</a>
but I expected
<a href="">a b c test link</a>

Has anyone experienced this problem before..?
maybe it has something with *.do servlet mapping?

The reason I had a.b.c was to separate different sections of my application,
If I replace the periods in the action path attribute with '/',  then it 
works as expected.
I might try Modules as this seems to be proper way to do it.

any feedback/suggestions are welcome,


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