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From Michael McGrady <>
Subject Re: Re: Re: Why does <html:submit> work differently than <html:link action="">?
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 17:08:53 GMT
At 09:58 AM 7/28/2004, you wrote:
>i agree, what i'm attempting is kindof goofy.

Hi, Andy,

You are stuck in a bad solution and all the discussion is about the goofy 
solution.  However, if you would, once again, just tell us what the problem 
is, we can give you solutions, I would bet, that are not goofy.

My guess is that you are trying to get dynamic data from a form and need 
multiple types of submissions.  In order to solve this problem, you have 
got off the track and are using bizarre solution.  If you state what the 
problem is, I am fairly certain, once again, that we can give you a 
standard solution.  I would guess that you are unaware of the various 
things Struts can do for you in this regard with a standard 
submission.  Please tell us what the bottom problem is.  I am no longer 
interested in the bizarre solution but would like to know what problem that 
is supposed to solve.


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