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From Michael McGrady <>
Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Why does <html:submit> work differently than <html:link action="">?
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 17:27:01 GMT
At 10:16 AM 7/28/2004, you wrote:
>Sorry Michael, i wasn't ignoring you.  you must've responded to each
>of my responses to the others. :)
>the original problem was that i have to add a product to the database.
>when the user clicks the initial add button they are taken to a page
>that has three links on it.
>Add Member Product
>Add NonMmeber Product
>Add Product via Search
>this intermediary page is a form that also contains three hidden
>fields.  first is productType (member, nonmember or search)  the other
>two fields contain values relating to the customer passed from the
>previous page when the customer clicked the add button.
>looking at the source for the current page with the three links on it
>reveals that the two hidden values from the previous page are set and
>the third, prodType, is blank.  when the user clicks on one of the
>three links a small javascript function populates the third hidden
>field, prodType, before submitting the form.  in my actionform and
>action i see the prodType but not the other two customer variables
>that were on the form.
>so i need to be give the customer the ability to add a new product to
>the database.  there are three different types of products that can be
>added and the type needs to be determined up front so the customer can
>be directed to the appropriate form/page.  hyperlinks were preferred
>to multiple submit buttons.  and radio buttons with a single submit
>button were ruled out.

Apparently you want to use a goofy solution.  This whole problem is easily 
solved with multiple submit buttons with JavaScript.  The hyperlink 
solution is just goofy, and if you insist on using that, good luck to 
you.  I don't like to work on bad solutions.  Why anyone would prefer a 
hyperlink to submit a form over a submit button is wholly beyond me.  This 
is just poor coding.  If you want a simple and good solution using multiple 
submit buttons, let us know.  If you want to use a bizarre solution that 
has nothing to do with Struts, then I will leave you alone.  I personally 
think you got off on the hyperlink solution because your previous inquiries 
(I used google to see where else you had gone with this problem) ended up 
in mistaken conclusions.  I just hope this thread does not convince others 
that your solution is in any way required.  To all you future readers: this 
solution is not required and is goofy.  LOL  ///;-)  Seriously, Andy, good 


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