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From "Mathew, Manoj" <>
Subject RE: Request carry the old form--Please help
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 14:55:15 GMT

  I am still waiting for a solution. Is this a known issue? It looks like this is happening
only in case of list backed action forms...Pls help

Manoj Mathew

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From: Mathew, Manoj 
Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 8:48 AM
To: Struts
Subject: Request carry the old form

Hi all

   I have two jsp pages say  empPension.jsp and EmpSalary.jsp. 
empPension.jsp has a list backed form and i have a property cales "empname" and has it's setters
and getters.Remember "empname" is a list. my EmpSalary.jsp has a dyna action form adn has
a string element "empname" in the syna action form.

I have my pensionOpen Action to open empPension.jsp , I submit the form and after the validations
the validaiton action is chained to salaryOpenAction which populate the data and open the
EmpSalary.jsp. even though in the struts mapping I have associated the correct form name(dyna
action form) for  salaryOpenAction , still struts is crying for "no such method found, no
setters found for empname[0]. I debugged it and it is posting the first form and then when
the validation action call  salaryOpenAction , it checks for empname[0].  setters in my dyna
aciton form( dy na action for has only "empname" as element ) which has the same element name
as a string.Actually empname[0] is in empPension.jsp  and that for is alreay posted and processed
and  salaryOpenAction  s associated with dynaaction form.

The issue here is have the similar propert name (though one is list and other is string) and
the reqest still keep it .I am doing t forward and not re direct.
Manoj Mathew

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