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From Barett McGavock <>
Subject RE: JSP / ActionForm / Action design quesetion
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2004 21:04:42 GMT
All of the UI quick entry features you mentioned can be accomplished using
JavaScript on the JSP, with or without Struts.

I would start by getting an HTML mockup with Javascript code that has the
desired data-entry-speeding effects and convert it to a JSP, inserting the
Struts tags from there.

Only the validation and data persistence features should impact the Action;
the user interface speedup would be restricted to the JSP.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Chuck Chopp [] 
> Sent: Monday, July 26, 2004 1:30 PM
> To:
> Subject: JSP / ActionForm / Action design quesetion
> I'm experimenting with putting a JSP / Struts front-end onto 
> an existing 
> "green screen" application on a midrange system.  I have 
> JavaBeans that 
> serve as wrappers around the underlying code that implements 
> the business 
> logic, which allows me  to divorce the legacy green screen 
> terminal I/O 
> interface routines from the business logic.  Now, however, I 
> have to meet a 
> requirement of the end-user and I'm too new at using Struts 
> and JSPs to know 
> for certain how to go about doing meeting the requirement.
> In a nutshell, the green screen interface allow for rapid 
> data entry, and 
> the JSP front-end that I'm trying to build needs to allow for 
> the same 
> techniques to be used or else it will fail to meet the user's 
> requirements. 
>   Currently, a lot of of the data that gets entered is for 
> fixed length 
> fields, and when the data input results in one field being 
> full, the focus 
> automatically jumps to the next field as if the TAB key had 
> been hit.  When 
> all of the fields of data have been entered, simply hitting 
> the ENTER key 
> results in the screen full of data fields being submitted, 
> validated and 
> then the screen is "reset" to empty field values again for 
> additional data 
> entry.  Most of the data is numeric and the data entry is 
> done via the 
> numeric keypad.
> I need to know if it is possible to set up a JSP to work in 
> the same way. 
> Is it possible to set up a JSP such that quick data entry can 
> be done with 
> the focus automatically forwarding from one field to the next 
> as the fields 
> are filled up with fixed length data w/o having to hit the 
> TAB key and with 
> the ENTER key resulting in posting the form data to the applet?
> I can already handle the ActionForm programming for data 
> validation and the 
> success/failure forwarding so that the successfully validated 
> data is fed 
> into the model and then the controller forwards back to the 
> same JSP / 
> ActionForm combination again for additional data entry.
> I'm not sure if I can code things so that some other single 
> keystroke can be 
> used in place of clicking a "CANCEL" button on the form, such 
> as hitting the 
> ESC key and having that trigger an event in the JSP that is 
> the same as 
> clicking the "CANCEL" button.  In the green screen 
> application, hitting ESC 
> results in leaving the data entry screen and returning to a 
> higher level 
> menu.  I'd like to preserve as much of the legacy 
> application's quick data 
> entry functionality while putting a more modern web-enabled 
> frontend onto 
> the application.

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