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Subject Re: Module and pages Behind WEB-INF don't work...???
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 08:08:10 GMT
Thanks Erik, this can actually be very useful. (I haven't tried it yet...)

Puneet Agarwal
Tata Consultancy Services

Erik Weber <> 
07/29/2004 12:44 PM

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Re: Module and pages Behind WEB-INF don't work...???

I don't have the exact fix you are looking for, but this (in web.xml) 
will prevent direct access to anything with a jsp extension:


Erik wrote:

> I want to do both "hide my JSPs behind WEB-INF" and use "Struts 
> and this does not work, I looked into the struts code. it does the 
> following
> If the path of ActionForward starts with "/", it obtains the module 
> prefix and prefixes this to the path so...
> If my path was say "/WEB-INF/pages/INY0010S.jsp" it becomes 
> "/iny/WEB-INF/pages/INY0010S.jsp"
> ( which is unwanted......I wanted..."/WEB-INF/pages/INY0010S.jsp" )
> but if the path of ActionForward does not start with "/", it leaves 
> the path as it is ( i.e. does not prefix the module-prefix)
> but then the requested URI becomes like this
> http://<ipaddress>:<port>/<web-context-root><ActionForward-path>
> instead of
> http://<ipaddress>:<port>/<web-context-root>/<ActionForward-path>
> so the problem is there is no slash - "/" before "<ActionForward-path>"
> so if my path was "WEB-INF/pages/INY0010S.jsp" it searches for 
> "http://<ipaddress>:<port>/<web-context-root>WEB-INF/pages/INY0010S.jsp"
> which gives error...Can anyone suggest the way out..?
> or does this require a fix ? only a Quick resolution of this will be 
> able help.
> Regards,
> Puneet Agarwal
> Tata Consultancy Services
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