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From "Muhammad Momin Rashid" <>
Subject Two collections and iterate: How to set corresponding values in second collection while iterating through first?
Date Sat, 24 Jul 2004 13:12:36 GMT

I have two collections of objects one contains the questions, and the second
is place holder for answers the user is supposed to provide.

questions is a collection of question (= id, text, type)
answers is a collection of answer (= id, questionId, answer)

now in my jsp i would like to do something like this

<logic:iterate id="ques" name="questions" indexId="i">
    <bean:write name="ques" property="text"/>

    ?? for the corresponding answer in the answers collection
    ?? set the questionId
    ?? display a text box for user to enter answer text


Muhammad Momin Rashid

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