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From ron1 <>
Subject Re: advice needed: use taglib to render dynamic links to embeded objects
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 10:37:13 GMT
thought of using the html:base element?
you can then make all references to images and stylesheets static, 
changing only the base to the current layout base...

I don't know if using <html:image> or <html:link/rewrite> will overrides 
this, so you may have to use pure html for those...


alu, artifex wrote:
> hi list,
> i'm working on a struts web application which should give the users the 
> possibility to choose
> the graphical layout of the application (images, sounds or general media 
> objects) from a predefined
> collection of "stylesets". if the user logs in his chosen styleset is 
> read from a database and stored
> in his session. now i only need to know what the best practice is to 
> render the view components
> using the styleset data from the users session.
> i don't want to use messageresources because imho it would be too much 
> effort. so i decided to
> put all the images in directories according to the stylesetname:
> i.e:
> /stylesets/<stylesetname>/images/0001.png
> ===>            /stylesets/default/images/0001.png
>        /stylesets/minimalistic/images/0001.png
> now i'm searching for a way to render those images in my jsp page using 
> the struts taglib.
> can i use <html:rewrite> or even <html:img> to generate those urls? the 
> name of the image is
> static, only the directory name should be dynamic.
> thanks in advance
> art

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