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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: OT jstl/el question
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 16:16:44 GMT
On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 09:49:51 -0500, Hookom, Jacob
<> wrote:
> If I'm developing tags for JSP 2.0, then I don't have to explicitly call the
> ExpressionEvaluator on an attribute within the tag since I will be receiving
> the result of the expression evaluation? 

That's correct, as long as you declare yourself to be a Servlet 2.4
web application (which enables the JSP 2.0 expression evaluation
machinery).  In effect, *all* tag attributes in JSP 2.0 are
expression-language-enabled (and, of course, expressions work in
template text as well).

> I was thinking of doing that with JSF tags also using the DynamicAttributes
> interface to allow possibly more flexibility with minimal changes in
> reflecting the HTML version of the tag.  This way you just create
> setters/getters for JSF specific properties, everything else would be taken
> care of the DynamicAttributes behavior, dumping the results right into a Map
> within the 'setDynamicAttribute' method.  Processing the value bindings is
> just a matter of iterating over the map's entries and producing either a
> ValueBinding or setting on the Attribute map.

That would be appealing but problematic.  JSF component tags use the
classic tag API, so that they can work on JSP 1.2 or later containers,
while dynamic attributes need the new SimpleTag API of JSP 2.0 to
work.  Dealing with that alignment is one of the issues being
discussed in both the JSF and JSP expert groups for the upcoming
versions of those specs.

> -Jacob


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