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From Nathan Coast <>
Subject [ANN] maven-struts-module-plugin 0.5
Date Sun, 03 Oct 2004 06:52:10 GMT

plugin to facilitate building complex web-apps from smaller 
struts-module projects.

plugin website

why to use it
how to get it
how to use it

main features:
1) assembles struts-module components and deploys them into the maven repo
2) assembles webapps bundling struts-module dependencies
3) creates standalone web-application wrappers around single 
struts-module components (potentially useful for unit, integration and 
functional testing)
4) modifies all web.xml descriptors adding relevant struts-config elements
5) resolves dependencies of dependencies ensuring all required jars are 
assembled into WEB-INF/lib of target web-app

manual install from here

To demonstrate the plugin, we have re-structured the struts examples 
webapp, the website for this is here

We'd like feedback for this project structure before release version 1.0


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