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From Michael McGrady <>
Subject Re: back button
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2004 17:31:20 GMT
Hi, Andy,

Since you did not leave the answer you are responding to, it is hard to 
see what you are saying.  However, assuming that you are responding to 
what I said, then you can disable the browser back button (get rid of it 
actually) and put in your own back button which WOULD NOT SHOW THE NAME 
THAT WAS DELETED.  That would be the whole point of doing it server side 
rather than client side.  Right?

As previous people said, this problem is NOT a caching problem.

Michael McGrady

andy wix wrote:

> Hi,
> As usual I think I must be missing something fundamental!
> It would be pretty serious to leave the back functionality - someone 
> could delete a contact, then press back and see the name again.  If 
> they subsequently do another delete, there's trouble!
> I'm thinking this problem is not simply due to the caching - if I 
> loaded the page from the db each time the browser would still have its 
> own copy of what-was-once there.  I think this must be a problem which 
> occurs in many projects?
> Regards,
> Andy
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