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From "Ciaran Hanley" <>
Subject RE: Checking radio button based on object value
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 18:50:20 GMT
optionOne, optionTwo are two groups consisting of two buttons each.
Basically each is an on and off switch, "true" or "false".

I can set the default values in my form bean ok, I set them all to false

The problem is once updated options have been submitted and saved in the
session I need to reproduce the users choices the next time they visit the
same JSP.

So the next time into the JSP "true" and "false" values should be checked to
reflect the users options. I am trying to figure out how to do this


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Subject: Re: Checking radio button based on object value

Not sure if your optionOne and optionTwo is two groups of radio button or
two radio button in one group. I give you an example to illustrate how to
set default values:
Suppose I have a group (group1) of radio buttons, say 3. I want to preselect
the first one.
In my JSP file. I do this:
<html:radio property="group1" value="rb1" />
<html:radio property="group1" value="rb2" />
<html:radio property="group1" value="rb3" />
In the form bean file, I will have a property called "group1", and default
value is "rb1"
private String group1="rb1";
Hope this helps.

Ciaran Hanley <> wrote:

I have a form consisting of several radio buttons. Upon form generation I
need radio buttons in the form to be checked based on the attribute of a
bean stored in the session. If the beans property is true then a particular
radio button value of "true" should be checked.

Option One

Option Two

I want these preselected based on a bean which has variables corresponding
to each radio button

boolean optionOne = false;

boolean optionTwo = true;

How can I achieve this?



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