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From "James Mitchell" <>
Subject Re: Struts versus Version versus MyEclipse I'm lost.
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2004 14:49:03 GMT
You are using incompatible TLDs.

You haven't stated what "Eclipse" you are using.  Last time I checked, 
Eclipse was JSP-stupid, so unless you meant to say "MyEclipse" or some other 
Eclipse-based IDE, I can't help you with that.

I can tell you that the action attribute was added just after Struts 1.1 was 
released, so it is likely that your IDE is using the 1.1 TLDs and your 
project is using something after that.

James Mitchell
Software Engineer / Open Source Evangelist
EdgeTech, Inc.
AIM: jmitchtx

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From: "TedMitchell" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 10:42 PM
Subject: Struts versus Version versus MyEclipse I'm lost.

> I'm deturmined to learn and use Struts.  I'm confused when I attempt to
> duplicate working examples in my application Eclipse flags them as errors. 
> I
> lost a great deal of learning time on my first example where the 
> ActionForm
> called the "perform" versus the "execute" method.  I don't know if I'm 
> fighting
> yet again a version issue.
> In the struts-mailreader example that comes with Struts the index.jsp 
> contains 2
> lines.
> <%@ taglib uri="/tags/struts-logic" prefix="logic" %>
> <logic:redirect action="/Welcome"/>
> When I duplicate these in my application Eclipse complains with and 
> "unexpected
> action=..." Error.  The logic:redirect documentation seems to agree with 
> Eclipse
> that only a forward, href or a page attribute should follow a redirect.
> When I replace the "action" with a "forward" it fails to find the action.
> So what am I missing?
> Thanks
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