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From "Santosh Kumar Panda" <>
Subject Problem with tomcat
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 11:29:03 GMT
I'm having a strange problem. In one of my jsp pages I have a dynamic
table which I populate using data from the database. Since the page is a
bit dynamic too I'm populating it with labels from the resource bundle
from the previous action.

But somehow, the first time round when I reach the jsp the table doesn't
come but just on refreshing the page the correct data gets populated....

I do not know why it is happening but on the Tomcat's console when I
print the labels the first time round, all the values are haphazard thus
the table is not populated. But on refreshing the page the values seem
to come alright.

I think it may be coz of tomcat caching...Any ideas plz... 


Santosh Kumar Panda
Software Engineer

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