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From "Thutika, Srinivas (ODC - Satyam)" <>
Subject RE: Urgent Helppp needed
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 06:01:33 GMT

The structure is always...J2EE structure.

if u look at webapps of tomcat...u better know aboutt the structure u can
Pls let me know then also do have ambiguity in finding the application

> --Thanks& Regards
> Srinivas Thutika

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From: Meenakshi S []
Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 11:23 AM
To: 'Struts Users Mailing List';
Subject: Urgent Helppp needed

Hi all,

I am newbie in struts.
I need help from u all in designing my application in Struts.

Plz correct me if I am wrong anywhere.

I m planning to use WSAD for development. & would be implementing it
with Tomcat 4.1(as wsad doesn't give an option to configure a higher
version) & JDK1.3.

My application is a sales tracking system wherein I have various
Some of my modules & it's activities are as follows:
1.	Security
	a.	Role
	b.	Module
	c.	Form
	d.	Access Right
	e.	Change Password

2.	Setup
	a.	Organisation
	b.	Branch
	c.	Employee
	d.	Reporting 
	e.	Designation

3.	Pre-Sales
	a.	Team
	b.	Model
	c.	Color
	d.	Status
	e.	Price
	f.	Finance Source
	g.	Prospect
	h.	Target
	i.	Case Detail
	j.	Lead Assignment

4.	Sales
	a.	Order Booking 
	b.	Customer
	c.	Dispatch 

5.	Inventory
	a.	Stock

6.	Reports
	a.	Model Wise
	b.	Team Wise
	c.	Branch Wise
	d.	Case History
	e. 	Ageing Report

7.	Competitor's Activity

I m thinking about implementing the security part thru JAAS. Suggest me
if there's a good alternative to it.

I also want to know as to where should I store the jsp pages, the action
classes, action forms etc. i.e, what kind of hierarchy should I manage
so that making changes/updations is easy.

It's urgent,....plz help.


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