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From "Freddy Villalba A." <>
Subject non-HTML attributes
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 19:38:19 GMT
Hello everybody,

Since TEXTAREA doesn't have a MAXLENGTH attribute (which is quite useful, by
the way), I wanted to implement my own solution using behaviours (hfc) to
alter the standard TEXTAREA element. However, I've realized that this is not
compatible with Struts' tag, since TLD validation throws a validation
exception (it detects an attribute that does not belong to the standard HTML
element nor the tag specification). I'd really like to use this solution(no
Validator framework or anything else). Is it possible?

I've thought about turning off XML validation. Not sure if this is possible
with Struts and, if possible, I'm not sure I'd buy that with the implied

Ideas anybody?


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