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From "Daniel Lipofsky" <>
Subject RE: How to get the bean value inside JSP
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2004 02:29:30 GMT
You should probably use bean:define instead of bean:parameter.
Even better learn JSTL and use c:set, c:if, and c:forEach to facilitate
You will find JSTL has better versions of
everything in the struts "logic" and "bean" taglibs.

I don't think there is any readymade tags for grouping.
But if you datastructure reflected the grouping
(one top level bean for each leaguename with an
array of matchdetails inside) you could use nested
c:forEach tags (or logic:iterate tags) and maybe
get what you want.  I would nest a table for
matchdetails inside each row for a leaguename
and use the nested loop tags to output it.
- Dan

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Manisha Sathe [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 6:10 PM
> To:
> Subject: How to get the bean value inside JSP
> I am having an action handler, which pulls data from 
> database, puts inside data bean. From result set i create 
> array of databeans. This array of databeans i am putting back on JSP.
> Inside my JSP i am looping thr
> ------------------------------
>   <logic:iterate id = "databean" name="arrauthformdatabean">
>       <bean:write name= "databean" 
> property="leaguename"/>&nbsp;&nbsp;<bean:write name= 
> "databean" property="matchdetails"/><br>
>     </logic:iterate>
> ---------------------
> Above works fine. But now i need to perform some action 
> depending on leaguename. Each leaguename can have many 
> records of matchdetails. How i want to put is 
> leaguename1      1) match details1
>                          2)match details2
>                        ..........
> leaguename2     1) match details3
>                         2)match details4
>                         3)match details 5
>                        ..........
> Basically i do not want to repeat the leaguename tags. All my 
> records are in an order so i can check whether leaguename 
> changes - if yes display it else blank.
> 1)i want to take the leaguename first into some variable. For 
> every loop iteration check with previous leaguename. 
> I tried <bean:parameter id="varname" name="?">
> tried many combination such as leaguename, 
> databean.leaguename  but not getting the value inside parameter.
> 2)Btw is there any readymade tag which will faciliate the 
> grouping display?
> Pls guide me
> Thanks & regards
> Manisha

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