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From "Vijay K Dasari" <>
Subject Inheritance of DynaActionForms
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 13:51:16 GMT
I am looking for a "Best practice" of using the ActionForms. We are using
lot of Forms(both ActionForm and DynaActionForms) in our application. All
these Forms share some common properties and some validation logic is also

Currently we are using the Inheritance in the ActionForms, to solve this
requirement(Like we have a Super ActionForm and all the other ActionForms
extend that Super ActionForm).

I would like to know, is there any possibility with the DynaActionForms. I
mean, we configure the properties of DynaActionForm in the
struts-config.xml, is there a possibility that we can say that one
DynaActionForm extends other DynaActionForm ? (with out replicating the
properties in all DynaActionForms)

As the struts-config.xml is an XML file, i guess we can imitate this by
using the XML INCLUDES( we include the super DynaActionForm properties in
the child DynaActionForms). Is there any configuration possible in
struts-config.xml ?

I wonder what are the advantages of DynaActionForms(whose properties are
configured in struts-config.xml) over ActionForms(which are Java Classes
created as JavaBeans) except the creation of extra java classes ?


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