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Subject Re: How to display vectors / beans data inside JSP using tags?
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2004 17:47:15 GMT

You probably want something like this:


<logic:iterate id="col" name="MyForm" property="fooName" indexId="i">

    <html:text name="capRunControlForm" size="16" styleClass="inputbox"
               property='<%="fooName[" + i + "]"%>'/>

    <html:text name="MyForm" size="16" styleClass="inputbox"
               property='<%="minText[" + i + "]"%>'/>
   <html:text name="MyForm" size="16" styleClass="inputbox"
              property='<%="maxText[" + i + "]"%>'/>


public class MyForm extends ValidatorForm{

      private String [] fooName =  {"","","","","",""};
      private String [] barText = {"","","","","",""};
      private String [] bazText = {"","","","","",""};

Hope this helps,

Jeff C.

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                                               Subject:  How to display vectors / beans data
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I want to display bean data on JSP which has vectors as one element.

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