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From Jeff Beal <>
Subject Re: bean:write filter question
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 20:42:36 GMT
nodeValue is part of the W3C DOM.  (See for the full specification.)  The 
W3C DOM is a language-neutral specification for accessing a document 
object model, whether HTML or XML.  The org.w3c.dom package in Java 1.4 
is an implementation of the standard for XML documents in the Java 
language.  Reasonably recent versions of the browsers support this 
standard in JavaScript to one extent or another.

The only thing that I always forget is that nodeValue() only returns a 
value for text nodes.  It's not like XSLT where the text value of an 
element is the text value of all contained text nodes.  So, basically, 
this.nodeValue wouldn't have worked anyway.  The DOM-compliant way of 
doing this.innerText (for an element with only one child node) would be 
this.childNodes.items(0).nodeValue.  this.innerText is a lot neater.

-- Jeff wrote:
> You DID put me on to one answer though... I can pass this.innerText, that works.  I'd
still like to know what the nodeValue was though, I've never seen that...
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