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From "Flemming G. Jensen" <>
Subject Form autocomplete property
Date Fri, 31 Dec 2004 14:49:42 GMT
Hi List,

First: I wish you all will have a happy 2005 with a lot of good Struts  
based applications!

Now my question:

The Struts html-tag library does not support the autocomplete property.

Why not? I know that the autocomplete property is not in the W3Org  
standard, but that
does not mean it is un-important to web-applications with on-line payments.

The autocomplete property is an IE extension, but Opera and Firefox  
support it. However,
Firefox 1.0 has a bug in its implementation, which you have to circumvent  
in a javascript in order to
make it work properly, if you do not have the time to extend the Struts  
html-tag lib.

I am asking this question due to these facts:

Our team has just gone live with a Struts based web-application The
site runs on an Oracle Application Server and an Oracle Database. The  
customer is a department
under the Danish Ministry of Food and Agriculture. On the site persons as  
well as certified shops
can buy a public fishing license, since you have to buy a license in order  
to angle in the sea, lakes or streams
in Denmark.

Many people, for example turists, buy their licenses in shops, where many  
people have access to the same PC.
So it was a customer demand to the application that we turned off the  
autocomplete function in html input fields, which
take care of any login or payment functionality.

In this case we were not happy to discover that the Struts developers have  
taken a rather puritanical approach to standards.

So I hope you will improve this great API with better properties support  
in future releases.


Flemming G. Jensen

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