Not sure if your optionOne and optionTwo is two groups of radio button or two radio button in one group. I give you an example to illustrate how to set default values: Suppose I have a group (group1) of radio buttons, say 3. I want to preselect the first one. In my JSP file. I do this: In the form bean file, I will have a property called "group1", and default value is "rb1" private String group1="rb1"; Hope this helps. Tong Ciaran Hanley wrote: Hi, I have a form consisting of several radio buttons. Upon form generation I need radio buttons in the form to be checked based on the attribute of a bean stored in the session. If the beans property is true then a particular radio button value of "true" should be checked. Option One Option Two I want these preselected based on a bean which has variables corresponding to each radio button boolean optionOne = false; boolean optionTwo = true; How can I achieve this? Thanks, CH --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? Meet the all-new My Yahoo! Try it today!