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From Ritchie Warsito <>
Subject I8N - Locale switch on any page
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 11:36:25 GMT
Hey there,
I'm studying the struts-mailreader example and as some of you might know 
(I hope), you have the option to switch languages (different 
The thing is, and I've read this on many other sites that this is the 
common way to do it, is that the locale options are only on the first 
(welcome) page, and from there on the selected locale will be used.

I want these options on every page throughout my application and when 
selecting, it will return to the page where you selected it from. With 
PHP i know how to do this, but this whole JSP/Struts is new for me.
So is this possible and more importantly how?

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