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From Erik Weber <>
Subject Re: JBoss does not reflect changes without restart
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2005 14:06:35 GMT
I experienced unfriendly behavior from JBoss 3.2.4 related to this (I 
was deploying war files and not ear files). I suspect the hot deploy 
mechanism *might* be buggy (which leaves me wondering because I thought 
it worked great in 2.4.x), but I did manage to find some things I could 
do that seemed to help.

1) Session persistence affects this -- when you redeploy, JBoss/Tomcat 
attempts to save all sessions to disk, then undeploy, then deploy, then 
reload the sessions. (It's a nice feature when it works). This is a 
place for programmer errors to occur, as it's easy to have reachable 
references to non-serializable objects. Whether there is a save/load bug 
I don't know, but 1) making sure all session attributes are serializable 
(obviously) and 2) clicking on your app's "logout" button to end your 
session before attempting the redeploy (so there is no save/load) seemed 
to help some. I don't think it completely solved the problem as I recall.

2) I found that I often needed to manually delete the "tmp" and "work" 
directories created from the original webapp deployment, so I wrote an 
ant target for it.

When I was able to get zero session persistence errors during a 
redeploy, it seems like I could keep doing it for a while. But as I also 
recall some errors seemed to come and go without me (seemingly) doing 
anything different.

This drove me to switch to Tomcat standalone for a while for development 
(for Servlet apps anyway). Redeploy in 5.0.30 seems to me to be stable, 
and, once you have it set up right (ant), is just as easy as with JBoss. 
But I like JBoss for some things, so I hope I figure out what I'm doing 
wrong (I still suspect it's something I was doing, but, what can I say, 
it doesn't happen in Tomcat 5.0.30) or they improve their hot deploy 


sachin wrote:

>hi all , 
>I am using JBoss 4.0.1 and struts 1.2.4
>Whenever i make any changes in my project and compile it 
>JBoss does not reflect the chages .. Here i need to restart the JBoss and 
>then it shows the changes...
>i got fed up with stopping the server and restarting it for so many times ..
>Plz can anyone tell me how JOBSS can be configured so that it will reflect 
>changes without restarting...
>Thanks in advance
>Sachin Hegde
>Paradyne Infotech Limited , Mumbai
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