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Subject RE: ActionForm automatic type conversion
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 16:36:21 GMT
ActionForm attributes are defined as Strings. In your case, a good solution
would be to define an adapter class that will do the conversion from String
to the appropriate type. Your business objects will use the converted data
types to execute the business logic. This approach is discussed in detail in
the book Struts in Action.


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Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 4:16 AM
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Subject: ActionForm automatic type conversion

Hi all and happy new year,

I am trying to fill an ActionForm with values that are neither Strings
or primitives. The specified values are selected using the
<html:select> tag. This a sample of my JSP code:

   <html:form action="/">
		      	<html:select property="selectedAthlete">
		    			value="value" />

  	<bean:message key="cp.button.submit"/>

The "controlPanelValues" Bean contains a collection (list) named
"athletes" containing Beans of type "Pair". The "Pair" object contains
2 attributes: The "name" which is a String and the value which is an
"Athlete" object.

My ActionForm contains an attribute named "selectedAthlete" of the
type "Athlete".

However, whenever I submit this form the "selectedAthlete"  is filled
with the string representation of the "Athlete" type.

I used both simple and map-backed actionform with no success. 

Is Struts capable for doing assignment of non String or primitive fields?


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