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From "Jim Barrows" <>
Subject RE: New to Struts & seeking advice
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 16:55:34 GMT

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> From: Mark McWiggins []
> Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 6:19 PM
> To:
> Subject: New to Struts & seeking advice
> Hi All,
> I've developed several web applications over the last 10 
> years, mostly 
> based on Perl CGI. The 2003 project I did
> made me swear off CGI and look for something that does a 
> better job of 
> maintaining session and data across pages,
> among other things. Struts seems to fit the bill.
> But: what's a recommended set of tools to use? I've been 
> working a bit 
> with Netbeans 4.0 on sample applications and
> it does a fine job building a .WAR file for deployment. But 
> it doesn't 
> seem to have enough smarts to see when something
> is broken enough that Tomcat (v 5.0.28) chokes on it with an 
> unhelpful 
> error message. Also, I tried installing the Struts Console
> into this version of Netbeans and got:
>     Warning - could not install some modules:
>        Struts Console - No module providing the capability 
> org.openide.compiler.CompilationEngine could be found.
>        Struts Console - No module providing the capability 
> org.openide.TopManager could be found.
>        Struts Console - The module named org.openide.deprecated was 
> needed and not found.
>        Struts Console - The module named org.openide.compiler 
> was needed 
> and not found.
>        Struts Console - The module named 
> org.openide.execution.deprecated was needed and not found.
> So:
>     *    Is Eclipse or something else clearly better and more 
> Struts-capable?

I like Eclipse with the MyEclipse plug-ins for struts.  I also use the spring plugin, and
I forget which of the hibernate plugins as well.  Commonclipse is one of those plugins in
you thinks you'll never use until you install it, hten you wonder why it wasn't made part
of Eclipse.

>     *    Is AppFuse worth using as a basis for a real app? I tried 
> working through the tutorial and got it going,
>           but it is based on Hibernate and I was told that 
> Hibernate may 
> not be mature enough for deployment?

I don't know who told you either of those, but both statement are wrong.  AppFuse can use
Hibernate, iBatis or JDBC.  Says so right on the box.  Hibernate is more then mature enough
for deploymnet.  Matt Raible uses both appfuse and Hibernate for his production projects.

>     *   Any other tools or techniques that you fervently recommend or 
> recommend avoiding?

Appfuse is nice if you want something that is IDE agnostic.  Spring is massively cool for
wiring everything together.
Avoid Websphere on the AS400 (can't tell you about Websphere on any other platform).  Avoid
Java on the AS400 in general.

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